About The Big Infinite

In 2011, Jordan, Wes, Dj and Dre began playing music together as 'Fiction 20 Down'. During their first 6 months together they released an EP and did a national tour. They kept up that pace for the next 4 years- touring non-stop, releasing studio LPs, live albums, mixtapes, music videos, garnering multiple awards, charting on iTunes and navigating the music industry from the trenches to the glass ceilings... and then they stopped. Completely.

In 2014, Jordan experienced a personal tragedy, the details of which you can find if you seek. Wes, Dj and Dre were deeply impacted as well. They are family. The loss redefined everything, and prioritized their lives as they should have been. Moving forward as 'Fiction 20 Down' didn't seem right, it didn't feel right. They were different people now.

And so, the Big Infinite was born...

In August 2016, Big Infinite released it's debut single Still An Animal and has begun touring the Mid-Atlantic region.

Here are some words from Jordan on the band:

"What exactly the big infinite is, I cannot express. Hopefully when all is said & done our catalogue will speak volumes. But even then, what we're saying, what we stand for, where we've come from and where we're headed will only scratch the surface. We invite you to listen and come to your own conclusions." - Jordan


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